Thursday, September 16, 2010

Health Edupublication for 9/23

Hey there, everyone. Next week's class focuses on mental health and related issues (grief, substance abuse, support networks). Here's what we've got:

* Friends Make the Best Medicine (Icarus Project) Quimby's now has copies of this zine for our class. If you can't make it over there, download and print the zine from their site HERE.

* The Worst (anonymous) - requires double-sided printing + folding

* Prescription for Change (anonymous)

* a written response essay, due, printed at the beginning of our next class.

Response Essay Guidelines: Choose two zines from the week’s readings. In 1-2 typed pages, compare and contrast them focusing on what you find successful and what you might have done differently.

Just a note after today's excellent discussion - we want to make sure you know that we don't expect (or even want) you to try to reach every possible demographic. The idea is to provide you with resources and information about a range of themes and approaches, including some zine needs that are out there. This does not mean that you should make work that speaks to the needs of homeless teens and transgendered people and SAIC students and senior citizens and whatever other group might possibly pick up your publication. Consider that focusing on a particular community or mode of distribution can actually open up unexpected possibilities for creativity and outreach, which we'll talk about more at the beginning of class next week.

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