Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Health EduPublication!

Welcome to the class blog for Health EduPublication: Community Zine Clinic. We'll be using this site regularly as a home base where you can download class readings and find links to online resources that come up in class. It's also a space for you to write reviews of health-related zines and to share information about relevant events, videos, news articles and other things of interest you'd like to share. The blog will is a basic resource for anyone interested in the combined topics of health education and independent media.

Once you've logged in as a user, you can either create a new post containing text, images, videos and links, or start a conversation by commenting on an existing post. (Note - people can post a comment even if they're not a part of the class). This is a visual class, so please include some sort of image (still or moving) to accompany any post.