Thursday, September 9, 2010

EduPublication for 9/16

Hey hey all, what amazing zines and great discussion today. Here's what's up for next week's sex-ed-themed class:

* Tip of the Iceberg (Laura Szumowski)
* Susann Gage (Temporary Services)
* Vaginal Underground (YWEP)
* Bad Encounter Line Zine (YWEP)
* Grabbing Good Health by the Balls handout (Queer People's Collective)

* your response essay focusing on two or three of the above, as per the guidelines described in the syllabus.

the websites for both
* Young Women's Empowerment Project +
* Chicago Women's Health Center
to get a good understanding of each organization. After perusing, write down three questions to ask our visiting speakers next week.

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