Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ad Education

There's plenty to critique in the world of advertising, particularly when it comes to how marketers target our health. As detrimental as this can be, it also provides us with some great tools to tweak in educating the public about health issues. Creative campaigns like the ones below are a great example of this tactic:

Milk Matters, a breastfeeding support and education collaborative based in Britain, recently posted this faux ad for a product called "TruBreast," touting convenient and eco-friendly built-in features such as the Auto-Nutrient Calculator ("no more scooping or measuring!") and the Kwik-Fill Temperature Regulating Tank, as well as the fact that you'll never, ever need to sterilize the product before use. In comparing breastfeeding to commercial products using the same sort of language (plus a sense of humor), they do a startlingly good job of making the competition look pretty lame in comparison.

Australian artist Justine Cooper took this approach further when she launched website, interactive self-test, tv-ads, billboards and magazine print ad campaign for a fictional psychiatric drug called "Havidol," which was created as a satire of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and its Direct-to-Consumer marketing. She did a pretty convincing and subtle job of it, and supposedly fooled both consumers and at least one medical site into believing that the invented condition it purported to treat was real (though I have yet to find actual evidence of this online). Take the quiz to see if YOU might have Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder (DSACDAD).

Friday, November 12, 2010

Laura Szumowski Resources!

After her visit to our class, artist /author/self-publisher extraordinaire Laura Szumowski was generous enough to send along this amazing list of resources to share with you all. She also wanted you to know that if you have any questions as you develop your publications, she'd be happy to offer further advice via e-mail. Thanks so much, Laura!

Some Thoughts on Fundraising is a great article on using Kickstarter and similar services to market your project and raise funds ahead of time.

Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book
For those of you who want to take the self-publishing into the realm of books, this is the guide Laura mentioned in class. She also points out that there's also a second volume that includes on publishing digital books (for e-readers like the Kindle, etc) for those of you who are interested.

Your Handwriting > Editable DIY Fonts
http://www.yourfonts.com/ ($9.95) (this is the one Laura used.)
http://www.fontgrinder.com/ ($19.95)
http://www.vletter.com/index.htm ($150) - vLetter Pro has 4 variations for lowercase, and 2 variations for uppercase. Not sure if it's compatible with InDesign and Photoshop. (If files are converted to PDF before going to the printer, it should be fine.)
http://www.fontgod.com/ ($80) - converts handwriting to a TrueType font.

Printers for Books/Publishing:
Grace Printing (where Tip of the Iceberg was printed)
Cushing-Malloy in Ann-Arbor, MI (where Cycling is being published)

Printers and Templates for Postcards, Business Cards and Mailers:
Sharp Dots - full-color, good deals
Overnight Prints - glossy, cheap, full-color, and fast

and last but not least,
Laura's Distribution Bookeeping Form

Call For Entries: Visual AIDS Benefit, NYC

Call for Entries: Postcards from the Edge benefit for Visual AIDS

Hosted by CRG Gallery, New York

DEADLINE: Friday, December 10, 2010

Visual AIDS invite artists to donate a 4"x6" original artwork for our Postcards From the Edge exhibition and benefit sale. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and mixed media are all welcome.

For Submission Forms and details, visit:

From their site: Postcards from the Edge is an exhibit and benefit sale of over 1500 one-of-a-kind postcard-size works of art by established and emerging artists. The fun twist about the Postcards from the Edge benefit is that all artwork is exhibited anonymously. The works are signed on the back only and though viewers receive a list of all participating artists, they don't know who created which piece until after purchased! It makes for a fun guessing game, but also puts all the artwork on an even playing field, whether you show at a blue chip gallery or just graduated from art school...you don't know who you might be showing next to or who’s art collection you might end up in!

Postcards from the Edge will be hosted at CRG Gallery from January 7-9, 2011.

Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving the legacy -- because AIDS IS NOT OVER! visualAIDS.org

Monday, November 8, 2010

conflicting messages from mass media

A disturbing article in the NY Times this week about dairy marketing and consumption in the US is an important reminder why we shouldn't rely on mass-produced or even government-funded media on health and food: because the information you get depends on who's paying the bills. Watch what you eat, and where you're getting it -- and get those zines out there!

Here's the Article: While Warning About Fat, US Pushes Cheese Sales

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Media Democracy Day! November 6th.

Hello Everyone. I am presenting at a conference this Saturday, 8:30am-4:30pm, we will be talking about the importance of media and how media can be used to effectively combat social justice issues. There will be two panel discussions in the morning + LUNCH and then I am presenting Beyondmedia Education's Anti-Violence Project, Chain of Change, and facilitating two break out discussions after our presentation.
It's $5 for students and you don't have to come for the entire day to participate!
300 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607

This project is sponsored by Community Media Workshop: Bringing the community and media together to combat violence in our neighborhoods through the creation and distribution of local and progressive media.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Posters on Campus for Counseling Services!

"I paid attention to everything but myself. I took care of everything but myself."

When Joe Behen, from health services, came to our class he mentioned some grad students who are making flyers for the services offered through counseling services. While I was using the restroom in the fibers dept I was privileged to spot one and have a camera on me...they are beautiful, printed on fabric. They had already been taken down...which seems to sad to me...but I think this project is great!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

EduPublication for 10/21

That's right: your typed + printed PROPOSAL forms are due at the beginning of class next week. You can download and fill out the form (if you haven't already) here: Project Proposal Form!

* If you need an estimate for the BUDGET part of your proposal, get in touch with / check out the online rates and services of SAIC's Service Bureau. Make sure to leave them at least 24 hours to get back to you (preferably more, in case they have questions for you).

* Those who met with Christa this past week will PRESENT your zine pitch to the group for feedback. Those who met with Terri will present the following week.

Questions? E-mail either/both of us sooner than later. See you next week!