Friday, September 3, 2010

Due for EduPublication 9/9

Just to recap, here's what we've got on our plates for the next class.

* "Engaged Pedagogy" by Bell Hooks
* Anne Elizabeth Moore's "How to Be a Zinester" - bring printed version with you to class

* a mini-zine presenting a health condition you're familiar with in a way that surprises your audience. Al of your zines must be printed and folded before class begins on Thursday. We won't have time to fold in class that day!

* Quimby's bookstore at 1854 W. North Avenue (near the Damen Blue Line stop) to buy the three required readings. They should have them behind the front counter for you. The third zine on the list may not arrive until next week, FYI. If you get there before it does, please pick up the first two to start with.

This is also a great chance to browse their selection of other relevant zines of interest, which you'll be reporting on later in the semester. If you're curious about publications on a particular topic, ask the person at the counter if they have recommendations - they can often help navigate what's in stock to find things you might not find otherwise!

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