Friday, October 8, 2010

EduPublication for 10/13

for next week!

WRITE/CREATE: a 3-4 page mockup of an EXCERPT of your zine. This will serve several purposes: it'll allow you to experiment with layout/format possibilities you've been considering to see how they really work. It'll also allow you to get a chunk of your content done and out of the way. We'll be doing another round of speed-meetings next week, so this mockup will be something for us to give feedback on as you develop your zine concept.

This week we'll be focusing on collaborative groups and individuals who incorporate zines and/or wellness issues into actions, events, or multimedia projects. Most of the readings for this week are online and relatively short. They don't need printing, but make sure you leave enough time for exploring online!

* Madam Pink Interview in Ladyfriend Zine (download as a regular PDF)
* Transformative Justice Zine (read online by clicking the "next page" links)
* Street Harassment Project Website (explore the contents, particularly THESE )
* Small Science Collective Website (explore the contents online, especially body-related zines)

Note: You do NOT need to print the latter three out. Please read and be prepared to discuss in class. There will also be NO written reflections due for these readings, so you can focus your energy on the zine excerpt.

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