Friday, October 1, 2010

EduPublication for 10/1

Hey everybody, here's the plan:

this week's readings have been changed from what's on the syllabus. Please print and read the following short articles:
* Knight Citizen News Network's "Why Interview?"
* Stu Willis's "How to Approach Strangers... " (note: the main text of this is below the video).

Six key questions to start from next week. Decide what information you'd like to gather from your own on-the-street interviews and how best to do so. You may not use all of your questions in each interview, but it's important to have alternates in case one line of inquiry isn't working out. We will discuss your questions in class on Thursday.

* a laptop if possible, for transcription purposes.
* your six questions
* a portable audio recording device - at least one per team. Make SURE you test these out beforehand so that you're comfortable using them in the field next week.

If you're checking out a field recorder or other digital recorder from one of the school media centers, this is especially true. These usually require authorization - so do not wait to get this process underway.

* If you're using something that requires cassettes or minidiscs, make sure you have a blank!

Your project proposal applications, due first thing on October 21.
You can now download the Project Proposal Form HERE as a type-friendly PDF. Let us know if you run into any difficulties along the way.

As for print numbers, Terri and I discussed the question further and decided that given the public nature of these projects it makes sense to require a minimum of 50 copies of your zine/ public project, taking into account that 16 of these will be going to members of the class for review/critique. We are looking into funding sources to help make this more viable.

Given that, we've added a budget breakdown to the form. Working out a rough estimate of your costs is an important component of most grant applications, and this one's no exception. If we don't get as much funding as we request, this will help us assess which projects are in need of the most assistance to reach their goals. The clearer you are in listing your expenses, the better.

Depending on the scope of your project it's also a good idea for each of you to start seeking support from relevant organizations / groups as well, and this will come in handy there as well.

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